House & Home Cleaning Services

Kitchen & Pantries

  • Wiping and disinfecting counter-tops
  • Scrubbing sinks and taps (faucets) to remove mold and grime
  • Cooking areas, stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, extractor fans etc
  • Polish and shine floors of all materials
  • External surfaces on fridges, dish washing machines, laundry machines
  • Wipe and shine kitchen tables and chairs
  • Clean windows, window sills, security screens (burglar bars)
  • Wash and degrease oil stained walls

Bathrooms & toilets

  • Remove soap and grime build-up on shower walls and glass
  • Bath tubs, hand basins and taps
  • Restoration of discoloured polished metal knobs and handles
  • Tiles and grout surfaces
  • Urinals and toilet seats
  • Clear drainage pipes

Living rooms and Dining rooms

  • Floor tiles and grout surfaces
  • Shampoo  and condition carpets
  • Dust all display surfaces
  • Apply conditioning oils to all wooden surfaces and wooden ornaments
  • all hard to reach places
  • windows and sills
  • All electronic devices i.e. TV sets, Hi-Fis, Home Theatre systems etc.
  • Cloth chairs, sofas and couches
  • Condition leather seats, sofas and couches
  • Wash curtains and drapes

Building walls & Perimeter walls (dura walls- brick & cement)

  • Remove mold and dew build up
  •  Wash off dust, graffiti, posters and unwanted paint
  • Prepare walls for painting- remove dust, mildew and algae
  • Wash exposed roof trusses and facia boards
  • Roofing tiles and sheets
  • Attachments i.e. solar water heaters (geysers), solar panels, satellite dishes etc


  • Clean all carpeted surfaces
  •  Tiled surfaces
  • Steam bed mattresses
  • Wash windows and sills
  • Clean walls, wardrobe doors and handles
  • Dust all surfaces

Carports/ garages and storage areas

  • Remove chemical and oil stains from the floors
  • Walls, windows and doors
  • Wash all driveways and parking areas

Verandas and entrance hallways

  • Floor surfaces
  • Windows and sills
  • Security screens

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